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Ameri Hospice Tarzana

Ameri Hospice Tarzana

Have you been looking for certified hospice care in Tarzana and the surrounding area? Are you interested in hospice care but aren’t sure how to pay for it? Here at Ameri Hospice, our team of professional healthcare specialists can provide hospice care at no cost to you or your loved ones. As a local community hospice, we have years of experience in giving comprehensive care for terminally ill patients while simultaneously supporting the patients’ loved ones.

Hospice Care at No Cost to You

When we say “at no cost to you,” we mean it. Whether it’s through the Hospice Medicare benefit, Medicaid, or private insurance, your hospice care costs will be 100% covered. Moreover, medications related to your loved one’s hospice diagnosis will also be covered as well. Furthermore, any OTC medications, pain medications, or just any medicine that’s required to keep your loved one comfortable are also reimbursed completely. We know how challenging this time can be. Beyond offering top-quality care, we can also help you to apply for Medicare if necessary.

Equipment, Transportation, Medication, and More

In addition to the care itself, we have many other ways of helping .For example, medical equipment and supply delivery can be brought to you at no cost, and pharmacy medication supply is available 24/7. In fact, we even provide free transportation from the hospital as well.

How Our Hospice Care Help

We’re in the position to be able to provide 24/7/365 continuous care. That means that your loved one will have someone there to help them at all times. Beyond that, our professional home health aides are trained in wound care as well as pain management. So many in hospice care have fragile skin. Thus, our aides know how to manage healthy skin and encourage the healing of wounds. By that same token, we know how to work with your loved ones to manage both pain as well as any other uncomfortable feelings.

The Hospice Tarzana Deserves

Here at Ameri hospice care, we have an individual approach for every single person. No two people are exactly the same, and their hospice care should reflect that. We adjust care to meet each person’s needs. For years, we’ve provided care that fits our patients’ needs. In addition to hospice care, you may be eligible (especially if you have the Hospice Medicare benefit) for bereavement services for family members up to a year after your loved one passes. For hospice care for your loved one, you can reach us at 747.277.1711