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Our Services

Medical Staff

They ensure that patients receive cutting-edge hospice care in accordance with current regulations and recommendations. Our medical director or their appointed representative is available 24 hours a day. The Care Plus Hospice medical staff assesses patients to ensure they receive the appropriate level of hospice services based on nationally and internationally recognized criteria. The medical staff assesses whether additional services, such as continuous care or General inpatient (GIP) are necessary. They prescribe individualized treatments as needed, which may include specific therapies or wound treatments. The medical staff also orders necessary equipment and refers patients to other providers if required. The medical director or their designee regularly reviews patient needs with key members of the hospice team.

The head of our Care Plus Hospice team is the medical director, overseeing a group that includes other physicians, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, and Physician Assistants. The director is supported by these medical professionals. Patients have the option to retain their own physician or choose from our highly skilled medical staff.

Our medical team conducts home visits at no charge, ensuring patient comfort and safety by prescribing necessary medications. The physicians and other medical staff members possess expertise in end-of-life medications. They thoughtfully prescribe medications that allow patients to actively engage in their daily lives while alleviating suffering. Additionally, the medical staff performs thorough physical assessments of patients.

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Our Services

Wound Care

Hospice patients often have fragile skin. Our team provides skilled, gentle care to maintain healthy skin and encourage the healing of wounds. Care Plus Hospice patients often have fragile skin. 

Dementia Support

The Care Plus Hospice team provides relief for families who are caring for patients who have dementia. Support depends on the individual’s and family’s needs. 

Nursing Services

Care Plus Hospice nurses use a whole person-centered approach as they provide care. They evaluate the client’s response to care and medicine. 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services are available to help those who have experienced strokes or other changes in their ability to communicate. Patients who had strokes have

Spiritual Care

Hospice spiritual care experts provide support. Sometimes, patients who are dying have concerns about how they have lived and what lies ahead.

Pain Management

Care Plus Hospice physicians and nurses are experts at pain management for hospice patients. The goal of Hospice is comfort care for all of our patients. Care plus team  

Home Health Aide

Home health aides provide direct care to patients. They are the staff members that families and patients interact most frequently.  Our home health aides are well screened

All Levels of Care

Hospice patients sometimes need round-the-clock care for short periods when symptoms are poorly controlled or under other specific circumstances.

Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement counselors help patients and their loved ones cope with decline, loss, and death. Bereavement counselors provide services for loved ones for an entire 

Social Worker

Social workers are vital members of the Ameri hospice care team. They provide education and emotional support when referrals are made and throughout the duration of hospice

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help patients maintain or regain mobility. They are experts at recommending equipment that can help patients maintain independence.